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The Oz Medicann Group (OMG): Pioneering Biotechnological Innovations for a Healthier Tomorrow

OMG is driven by science and the pursuit of excellence in cannabinoid medicine. As a fully licensed Australian medicinal cannabis biotech, our success is measured in real world change: improving lives for Australian patients and delivering results as a trusted B2B, research and medical partner.

Our commitment to pure, safe and trusted cannabinoid medicine drives our company culture to continually, innovate, inspire and exceed.

From Roots to Rebirth

OMG began as a medical cannabis company, leveraging the therapeutic potentials of cannabis for medical use. With meticulous research and a patient-centric product development, our rich history has set the foundation for our evolution as a biotech innovator.

As we transition to a biotech company, our core expertise now encapsulates:

  • Drug Development: Harnessing the power of biotechnology to create pharmaceuticals that promise higher efficacy and safety.
  • Product Innovation: Innovating at the intersection of technology and biology to develop novel cannabis products.
  • Research & Development: Driving forward with a robust R&D pipeline focused on novel biopharmaceuticals using medicinal cannabis.

Research is the heartbeat of OMG. With a culture that fosters innovation, our R&D focus seeks to uncover new pathways for treating diseases - we’re shaping the future of personalised medicine.

Evidence of Innovation

Our work has already resulted in a successful early-stage clinical trial for the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes. 71% of the participants reported significant improvement on their Type 2 diabetes markers including blood glucose.

Medicinal cannabis development for a Schedule 3 medicine

Research and development and clinical trial preparation work has begun for our TGA Schedule 3 drug registration targeting sleep disorders. This includes our pharmacokinetic study and a large pivotal, international efficacy trial using our innovative, convenient oral sublingual tablet achieving more rapid onset when needed.


Topical Pain Relief Salve

Based on extremely positive patient feedback OMG will commence an open label observational study in inflammatory arthritis targeting improved pain and function.

Adherence to Standards

We operate at the highest level of integrity and compliance, meeting all regulatory standards to ensure that our products are not only innovative but also safe and effective.

Strategic Collaborations

Recognizing the power of collaboration, we partner with leading academic institutions, research centers, and industry giants to amplify our impact.

Looking Forward

We are committed to being a driving force in the biotech industry, continuously seeking out opportunities for growth and innovation.

Contact us

Join us on our journey to transform the landscape of advance biotechnological applications for medicinal cannabis. For collaborations, inquiries, or more information, contact us at

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Stay informed with the latest updates from OMG Pharma. Discover our recent achievements, groundbreaking innovations, and important announcements in the field of medicinal cannabis. Follow our journey as we continue to lead the way in cannabis biotechnology, making strides in research and treatments to improve lives.